Latest Past Events

Human Resources Science present Organizational Capability: People, Process, and Systems with Mindy Honcoop

Organizational Capability is the result of investing equally into three pillars: People, Process, and Systems. The intersection of those three pillars is employee resilience and adaptability. Mindy will talk about how she uses Human-Centered Design as a framework to refocus on how to refill PEOPLE with the iron needed for organizations to thrive.

HR Science Presents People Operations as a Product with Hernan Chiosso

Transforming the way organizations manage and empower their most valuable asset – their people – can be challenging, but our friend Hernan Chiosso can help.   Treating HR as a strategic business product unlocks new levels of efficiency and agility, enhances employee experience, and gives organizations a competitive edge in the talent market. This approach involves […]

Human Resources Science presents Virtual Community Hangout for June 2024

Join us on June 14th for our monthly virtual hangout. This is a time to connect with fellow HR Tech/Data analytics professionals. We will have a few discussion topics, but it will mostly be a free-form opportunity to connect, get help on projects, or get advice.